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Marketing is in our blood and our passion is being creative here at 1455 Marketing.  From helping you name your business, to figuring out brand strategies and final marketing plans, we have the experience and knowledge to help you be successful.


Candace Kaufman

Marketing Expert


I've been in advertising and marketing for over 30 years. Being creative is in my blood, and my parents will tell you I was drawing with crayons long before I ever learned to walk. I'm North Carolina born and raised, and even went to Appalachian State University.  I've traveled all over the US and know NYC as if it were my second home.  


I started my career in the grocery industry and then with ad agencies as an account rep, media buyer and graphic designer, handling local and national clients. I spent a good portion of the early 2000's as Director of Marketing for several Fortune 500 companies (Russell Athletics, Spalding, Carhartt, Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, South of France, Good Health Natural Foods and USTA NC).  Through jobs or creating products, I've worked with almost every sport industry (Nascar, NBA, ACC, WTA, MLB and the PGA). For several years I was Head of Product Development for a national snack food and natural products company (they even sent me to school to get a Masters in Holistic Nutrition).  You've probably eaten a snack food I helped develop or bought a product in a package I designed. I've worked with every major retailer to get products on store shelves, and worked with Walmart for over a year helping develop the Russell Athletic brand.  I even ran my own natural body care company for a few years.


I've seen and done it all, from small business to large corporations, and I know what it takes to build a brand, get noticed and drive consumers to your business or products.  I've also been teaching marketing and business classes (through my business, the state and national grants) for over 10 years helping people bring their ideas, businesses and products to life. I thrive off helping others grow and succeed!


I currently live on the back side of the Sauratown Mountains (Hanging Rock State Park) in a tiny house on some land with my rescue animals.  When I'm not working I can be found outdoors (probably hiking), creating some kind of art or attending a live concert somewhere. My soul runs off music just as much as it does creativity!

Constance Harding

Chief Technology Officer



A native North Carolinian who has traveled to four continents of the world 🌎 for fun (both professional and personal) and lived in Europe for a couple of years. I'm a career "list maker" and technical tools guru of 30+ years (utilizing Agile & Waterfall methodologies), thus the extensive program/project management and technical experience with Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses.  My career has easily transitioned across multiple industries in the world of technology to enjoy working local & international in Publishing, Education, Government Contracts & Security, Healthcare, Networking, Banking and Transportation.

Spending time with my Family/Friends, Fur Babies, Travel ✈️, Astrophotography 📷, Kayaking 🛶, Snorkeling 🥽, Tennis 🎾and Movies 🎥🎬 are my personal passions.

Angie Blomer


Angie brings us a diverse background that spans Fortune 500, premium brand corporate training to small business entrepreneurship. Her passion for writing started early, with a deep love of literature and fancy, $5 words.


Her professional work includes newsletters for 50 to 30,000, technical writing for process and soft skills, business plans, social media and website content, all while collaborating with customers to create a defined vision and voice.


When not behind a keyboard, she can be found gripping a good cup of coffee in one hand, advocating for local food and farms, teaching her young grandson to cook and appreciate flavors. Her dream is build a custom schoolie and travel the US, cooking, finding live music and collecting folk art treasures.

About Brian Watts Filmmaking Greensboro .webp
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At 1455 Marketing we've partnered exclusively with Brian Watts and Elizabeth Keri of Watts Filmmaking to bring your video and commercial needs to life.  We have the creativity and experience to write your scripts or commercials and they have the magic behind the camera and in the editing room to bring your visions to life on the screen!

Visit their website to learn more about them and see the magic we can create working together to bring your vision to life.


At 1455 Marketing we've partnered exclusively with owners Kathryn Michaud and Bartee Washburn at the KDI Group to help you find the perfect promotional needs for your product, company or brand! Their company strives to provide excellent customer service and timely order processing to ensure that your promotional items leave a good and memorable impression on your desired user. 

Visit their website to learn more about their company and how we work together to help you create the perfect promotional items to stand out from the competition!

About Elizabeth Keri of Watts Filmmaking.webp

Chief Happiness


(The most important people in our office)

Maggie, Otis, Suki, Lucky & Jack
Candace's Critters or "Crazy Cat Lady Starter Set"

Zion, Zeke, Taiji, Sophie & Mattie
Connie's Critters

If you're interested in joining the 1455 Marketing team, we are always
looking for talent.  Send your resume to Candace or Constance

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