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1455 Johannes Gutenberg printing press
In 1455 Johannes Gutenberg printed the first mass produced book, the Gutenberg Bible, using metal type. The printing of this book was a massive leap in technology that allowed ideas to flow freely. Mass printing of books created the Scientific Revolution, that ultimately led to the separation of church and state, completely changing the world.


1455 Marketing

At 1455 Marketing we want to use our creativity and experience to help you grow your business or product.  

How can we help you change the world? 


Marketing  •  Branding  •  Graphic Design  
Website Design  •  Copy Writing  •  Social Media
Photography  •  Video Production

At 1455 Marketing we understand everything it takes to create a product or start a business.  We're not a big agency with lots of overhead and crazy expensive prices, we're real people that have a wealth of real life experience and knowledge creating new products, businesses and ideas on a budget. Starting a business, creating a product or rebranding and expanding a current business doesn't have to be scary or expensive, no matter how big or small you are.

We want to design a logo with you, help you trademark it, create a marketing plan that builds buzz and ultimately help you cultivate and grow your ideas.  We can build you the perfect website and maintain it for you with monthly plans, and even train you how to use it and do some things yourself.  We're also happy to quote maintaining your social media pages, but we'd rather set them up, give you the marketing tools you need and teach you how to create and do your own posts, photography and blogs. 

While we're not a company that can create you a logo for $5 or a website for $150 (you get what you pay for), we also aren't going to charge you ridiculous large agency prices either.  We offer large agency service and experience for reasonable prices.  We'll answer the phone any time you call and you actually get us, not a contractor in a foreign country.  So contact us today and tell us how we can help you change the world! 

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